Lady Adelie

Leader of Blue Comet Mercenaries


Lady Adelie looks anything like a lady, with her tanned skin, limp dark hair, and entrepreneurial aspirations. While at the Blue Comet base, she is typically dressed in more comfortable (and breathable) cloth armor, she always has a sword on her belt and her shield nearby. When on the field, she can be seen in full plate armor, shield and sword in hand.


She’s your boss and founder of The Blue Comet Mercenary Company. You’ve worked with her for at least a month now, and after handling a smattering of simple jobs, Lady Adelie has finally entrusted you with higher quality, but much more dangerous, work.

Rumor has it that Lady Adelie comes from a noble family in a rival city, but she rebelled when her parents attempted to marry her off to a merchant’s son. Anyone who asks usually just earns a glare and some embarrassing job detail like guarding some farmer’s sheep.

Lady Adelie

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